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  • Oct 17, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    Click on the link below to be redirected to the recording of the Mass.  You do not need to be on Facebook to view this.  If a window pops up telling you to Log In, just click on "Not Now" at the bottom of the pop-up to continue on.
  • News and Updates


    Mass Schedule 
    Each weekday will have the normal 8 am Mass in the Church as below:

    Saturday, October 23, 2021
    8:00 AM Jose DeNobrega-4th Anniversary
    4:00 PM Alice & Arthur Neto
     Marcel Joseph
    Sunday, October 24, 2021
    7:30 AM Richard Ashworth
    9:00 AM For the People of the Parish
    10:30 AM James Davitt-21st Anniversary
    Monday, October 25, 2021
    8:00 AM Alvarina Matthews
    Tuesday, October 26, 2021
    8:00 AM Special Intention
    Wednesday, October 27, 2021
    8:00 AM Maryann Leary
    Thursday, October 28, 2021
    8:00 AM Special Intention
    Friday, October 29, 2021
    8:00 AM Donald Richardson
    Saturday, October 30, 2021
    8:00 AM Nathaniel Darling-1st Anniversary
    4:00 PM Charles Sullivan
    Sunday, October 31, 2021
    7:30 AM Mary Medeiros
    9:00 AM Antonio Freitas
    10:30 AM For the People of the Parish

    Confession Schedule  
    As of September 25th, confession will be held back in the Confessional inside the Church!

       Mondays from 4-5 PM 
       Saturdays from 3-3:50 PM 

    Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    Adoration is still in the temporary adoration chapel.  Adorers will enter by the door at the front left of the building & you will be able to access the door for the temporary chapel from there. For now, the times will still be M-F from 11 am-8 pm and then First Saturday Adoration will be 10 am-3 pm. 

  • Mass Times (see above)

    • Saturday: 4:00 PM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Sunday: 7:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN 9:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN 10:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • 8:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN Rosary before daily Mass at 7:35 AM
    • Saturday: 8:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN
  • Confession Times (see above)

    • Monday: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM At the church
    • MonSat 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM Any Day By Appointment
    • Saturday: 3:00 PM to 3:50 PM At the church
  • Adoration Times

    • MonFri 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM At Parish Center Chapel
    • 1st Friday: 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM First Friday Adoration in Church, ending with Rosary and Benediction
    • 1st Saturday: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM At Parish Center Chapel
  • Faith Formation

     We are now registering for the 2021-2022 year. Registration forms are now available in the church or at the parish center. Once you have completed the form, please return it to the parish center along with your payment so we can register your child/children. To keep things more streamlined, we are asking that you do not email requests for registration. If you have any questions, please email Shannon at dre@holyfamilytaunton.org or call the office (508) 824-3578. Thank you!

  • From The Deacon's Wife

    As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “All who die in God’s friendship, but still imperfectly purified, are
    indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death, they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness 
    necessary to enter the joy of heaven” (CCC, 1030).
    It is our duty and privilege to be able to assist the dearly departed through our prayers, good works, and especially the
    holy sacrifice of the Mass. Therefore, the Church has always taught us to pray for the souls in purgatory.
    While we can do this anytime, November is explicitly dedicated to praying for the dearly departed. After being a
    Catholic for more than 30 years, when I thought I knew all things Catholic, I was introduced to a magnificent devotion. 
    This devotion, which includes a plenary indulgence applicable to the souls in purgatory, gained from Nov. 1 to
    Nov. 8, by devoutly visiting a cemetery and praying for the Requiem (aka the Eternal Rest Grant Unto Thee, O Lord)
    prayer for the souls of the departed. The indulgence may also be gained on November 2nd by making a pious visit to a
    church to pray: the Our Father and the Apostles Creed.
    Fascinated by this important spiritual work of mercy, I pushed past my uncomfortable feelings around death and cemeteries, 
    rounded up my family, and made daily pilgrimages during the first week of November to local cemeteries to
    pray for the dead. It was incredibly moving to be walking among the graves, reading names of the people we knew
    and those we did not know. To pray for people who died long before our lifetimes or a few whose lost was still fresh
    upon our hearts.
    The grace of offering these eight November days of prayer for souls changed my faith life forever. My once gripping
    fear of death was replaced with overwhelming compassion for these precious souls and compelled me to this day to
    pray daily for the dead. This devotion, according to many saintly accounts, comes with a sweet side benefit of heavenly 
    intercessions from grateful souls. Who can’t use extra prayer and intercession support for their family?
    Allison Gingras

  • Office of Safe Environment

    Our Parish is committed to providing a safe place for all the faithful. Therefore, we follow a
    strict policy of The Essential Three for all who minister, work or volunteer in our parish. We
    ask for your cooperation and support. The safety of our community depends on all of us doing
    our part. Please visit the Diocesan Safe Environment page for more information: